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Get more done: A guide to beating procrastination

Whether you get most of your work done at home or in the office, it can be difficult to stay focused, especially when you’re the only one who calls the shots! As the Harvard Business Review released some of its top tips last week, we’ve decided to put together some of our own favourite techniques.

1.      Get creative. If you’re not invested in what you’re doing, you’ll never put all of your concentration into it. If you run a business, consider working on a new marketing strategy or creating a more personalised brand that reflects who you are. Feeling as though you really do work for yourself will spur you on to do great things!

2.      Manage your time. We love the Pomodoro technique, which sets realistic work times that don’t give you a chance to get distracted! The idea is to work solidly for 25 minutes, and then take a five minute break – all rigorously timed, to make sure you don’t get complacent.

3.      Write yourself an “Actions and Abstract” list while you work to note down things to do or small ideas, so that you don’t get distracted with them straight away. This is particularly effective in combination with the Pomodoro, as it makes sure you’re focused for the full 25 minutes!

Whether you’re completing chores at home or doing admin at work, these tips will help you get them done quickly and efficiently. Do you have any of your own techniques? Let us know in the comments below!

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