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Business Cards

A Business Card Is A Business Card…Or Is It?

Business cards are an essential for any business to help you convey a professional image when speaking with potential clients and suppliers. They are a promotional tool for networking and similar events but, thanks to their conveniently small size, they can also be very versatile and multi functional in terms of marketing your business. Here are some new ways to make extra use of your business cards:   ...

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Networking: A Great Tool For Your Business

Networking is a great opportunity for new businesses to make contacts and establish themselves in their local business community. This can help you to open up potential future business opportunities and build your company’s reputation. To make sure you don’t miss out on the possibilities networking could bring you, we’ve listed a few tips to help get you on your way to networking success: Arriving in ...

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The psychology of colour

Are you using the right colours for your business? Have you ever considered why easyJet might have chosen that unmistakable orange? Or why blue is the colour of financial institutions like KPMG and Barclays? Why do the food shops Holland & Barrett and Waitrose use green in their branding? These colour choices were no accident. Colour plays a vital, yet perhaps subconscious, role in how we perceive and r ...

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