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New Yorkers opt for traditional media to get the word out

A recent report by Smarter Small Businesses has shown that less than 2 per cent of New York-based small businesses are using social media to connect with their customers, opting instead for more traditional forms of marketing. In particular, a technology gap was found to be age-related, with a huge drop in the number of “mom-and-pop” companies compared to those owned by younger entrepreneurs.

While print media is a hugely important form of promotion, especially for family companies and producers looking to appeal to people who perhaps don’t use the internet as much as the demographic of digital start-ups, social media is becoming an essential tool for any small business looking to attract more customers. It’s a hugely useful way of creating brand image – but it seems many business owners find themselves “spread too thin” to dedicate time to another marketing strategy. Nika Stewart, CEO of Ghost Tweeting, suggests another reason may be that many are hesitant to try it until they see the success of somebody else.

The need for direct communication with customers is ever-increasing, and while print media is a more effective way of reaching out to non-internet users, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the ideal platform for customers to give direct feedback, and can really complement your existing strategy. If you’re not sure about your own online campaign, check out this quick guide, which should get you started!

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