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Get sticking and boost your brand!

How can stickers increase your brand awareness?

Guerrilla Marketing: Stickers are of course great for a spot of guerrilla marketing, but simply putting your logo on the sticker won’t cut it to really grab people’s attention. Add a captivating and mysterious caption or image to your sticker alongside your logo, or make the sticker relevant to the surface you’re sticking it on. A mysterious or clever sticker that people see over and over again is going to make them want to find out what’s behind it.

Free giveaways: Send out stickers with all your orders that people will want to stick on everything they own. Be it quirky images (a mustache?), or an advocation of your brand (I <3 Your Brand), send something out that makes people smile! Practical uses: If creative stickers aren’t suitable for your brand, then stickers can still simply be useful in your office. For mailing, filing or name tags, you can still jazz up these usually plain stickers with some sharp design.

Check out Flyerzone’s range of ready made sticker designs here, or if you have your own file ready to print, click here!

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