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Give your flyers maximum impact!

If you’re running a small business, it’s likely that initially you’re going to be responsible for producing your own promotional material. Even if you’re not a marketing whizz, here are 4 key points you need to remember to give your flyers maximum selling power.

You want to grab people’s attention to your flyers, by making them stand out from the ‘background noise’. You can do this by constructing a strong headline, which could consist of a question (“Are you paying more than you should?”) or a special offer (“Free Quotations in October!”), for example.

Now that you’ve got people looking at your flyers, you want them to keep reading. Maintain their interest by explaining the benefits of your products or services, or of course the advantages of using you over any of your competitors! By all means list your main products and services, but avoiding getting into detail about features, anyone can write about those.

Next you want them to want you…. The best way to make people take action and contact you is to offer them some kind of incentive. This might be a time bound promotion (for example, 50% off in September), or a free gift for using your services. Offering promotions like these may seem daunting at the early stages of launching a business, but it’s likely this investment will pay off by attracting more orders.

So you’ve made people want to contact you, but you now need to make it clear how they can do that. Put an obvious ‘call to action’ on your flyers, such as “Visit now!” or “Call now” with your phone number clearly displayed. If you think it could be useful for people to access your website from a smartphone, why not add a QR code they can scan too.

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