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How to change a design for a different industry

All of our designs are fully editable which means that they can be completely tailored to your needs. You can therefore select a design intended for one industry and change the text and images to make it work for a completely different industry. Remember everything marked with a pink ‘Edit’ button in the editor can be changed so try to bear in mind the following things when you are browsing designs:

Colours: what colours do you have in your logo or images? What colours are popular in your industry? You can use the colour tool bar at the top of the search page to filter designs according to their colour and the most suitable designs.

Style: use the search filters again to try and find designs with a particular style that compliments your business whether corporate or contemporary.

Images: remember images can be replaced with your own photos so don’t base your selection solely on an image used in the design. Look at  the overall design and think about how it could work with existing images you may have.

Fonts: if you love the layout but think the font doesn’t quite match your industry, take a look at the other available fonts in the drop down menu when editing the text. There will be a more suitable option available for you to use in your own design.

Logo: If you have your own logo, make sure you select the ‘Logo Upload’ option in the left hand menu when searching designs. This will filter out all Instant Logo designs which will be sector specific graphic elements that will usually not be appropriate for different industries.

To watch an onscreen demonstration of how to change a design to make it work for a different industry, watch this video for further information.

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